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  • Request a profile at the end of this page. If you see "You are already a member", please log out and then return to this page.

  • Each profile requires a different email. If you see "This email is already in our database, please log in." or if  "Forgot password" does not work, please contact our Profile Manager at

  • Once you submit a request, family's primary contact will receive an email to verify the submitted email address. To protect the privacy of our members, the email must be confirmed by family's primary contact. 

  • If the primary parent profile includes children’s names, birth months, and years, it is much easier to find you.
We hope every member will request a Member Profile. This helps connect our community with one another, receive PGR announcements, and register for events on their own. If you do not have an email and need an alternate option, please read about unique member IDs.
Q: Any changes for long-time members?
A: Profiles are shorter. Name tag and dietary restrictions for retreats and other events is now collected at registration.

New levels have been added: "b)Young Adult, 18 to 23", Parents -Less email", and "f) Adult Member, Primary Record" (for non-parent members 24 and older).
Q: What is the difference between "Parent - Primary Family Record" and "Parent Member"?
A: The first is PGR's primary contact for your family.

You define your family. Most often "e) Parent Member" is the other parent member in your family, however this may also include guardian(s), step-parent(s), grandparent(s), etc. Adult siblings are generally either "b) Young Adult, 18 to 23" or "f) Adult Member, Primary Record" once they turn 24.

Q: Still not sure or have more questions about membership levels or age groupings?
A: Review our page About Membership Levels or email our Profile Manager at for help. If you have questions about age grouping as a specific event, please contact the Event Director. Their contact information is on ORGANIZATION --> Teams Roster.
Q: Need technical help?
A: Email a fellow member at

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