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EVENTS: PGR Events include annual in-person and also (since COVID) virtual retreats, as well as year-round online events. 

What happens at Retreats?

Amazing people connect person to person!  And yes, sometimes the best times are over meals, in between sessions, and simply enjoying the company of those who already understand. 

At our Retreats kids have learned fencing, jammed in music sessions, danced, created amazing works of art, and much more. A professional Magic: The Gathering judge inspires our kids, and many play Dungeons and Dragons, build towering structures, and pursue engineering challenges. There are daily hikes, yoga, book clubs, women's and men's circles, youth hangouts, among other things. Join in an epic capture-the-flag battle - many create their own costumes!

While younger kids are participating in activities geared towards their asynchronous development needs, parents, adults and teens can socialize with true peers in a no-pressure environment where you can truly be yourself. 

Content varies each year and if you don't see something you want, volunteer to lead a session and bring your passion to our retreat. Our members are diverse and all share in creating a welcoming environment where our kids can just be themselves. Returning members frequently state that the people of PGR feel like family and they can't wait for homecoming each year.

Previous Retreat Speakers

Ed Amend, Todd Bardwick, Azizi Birkeland, Jeff Bushnell, Regan Byrd, Stephen Chou,  Jim Delisle, Miriam Darnell, Druidawn; Drs Brock and Fernette Eide; Susan Marie Frontzcak, Storyteller; Allie Golon; Bobbie Gilman; Patricia Gatto-Walden, PhD.; Barbara Hutton; Garrett Hartman, Gifted Professional, Center for Identity Potential; Patty Gatto-Walden, Gifted Professional; Isaac Hartsell, Children's Book Artist; Jenny Hecht, Gifted Professional; Joey Harris; Paul Hildebrandt, Zometool, Inc.;  P. Susan Jackson, daimon institute, Gifted Professional; Dave Jackson, CaveSim; Carolyn K., Hoagies Gifted; Michele Kane, Gifted Professional; Megan Locke, Able Kids Foundation; Betty Maxwell, GDC; Cassidy Melczak, Renaissance Adventures; Pat Mendoza, Storyteller; Christy Olezeski (Yale); Marlo Payne-Thurman; Nick Thompson; Gitanjali Rao; Liz Richardson, Gaming Expert; Victor Roberts; Bryan Scheihing, LMFT; Carey Smith; Dale Stuart; Dr. Shelaugh A. Gallagher; Linda Silverman, GDC, Gifted Professional; Dan Tichenor; Stephan Tolan; Jeff Wirth; Jim Weiss, Greathall Productions; Catherine Zakoian, and many others.

Organizations included

Able Kids Foundation; Catamount Institute; CaveSim, LLC; Center for Compassionate Connections; Colorado Geographic Alliance; Colorado State University Extension; daimon institute; Denver Police Crime Laboratory; Gifted Development Center; Greathall Productions; Improv Colorado; Lumineux Institute; Renaissance Adventures; Yale Pediatric Gender Program; Summit Center, Zometool, Inc. and many others.

 2023 Colorado

Our 2023 dates and location have been announced to members. 

Our families work together to design, organize, and implement the entire retreat as well as sustain the organization throughout the year. It's a great way to meet other parents and form a network of support for our children. Our group includes amazing talents, so while we are casual and informal, our events do excel at connecting the PG community with each other, creating lasting connections and building that sense of community we all find so meaningful. Information about specific events are restricted to members.

Read our testimonials, and if what you read resonates, consider applying for membership.

Virtual Events

COVID drove us to start Virtual Summer retreats in 2020 and 2021.

Our Home for Interactive Virtual Events (HIVE) was also born, allowing members to participate in online events year-round. HIVE events are virtual events organized by PGR and hosted by PGR members or our partners.

Occasional Board meetings and pre-event orientations have also been virtual.

Informal Events

Members use private PGR social media accounts and a forum on our website to announce and discuss informal gatherings of PGR members. Past events have included Women's Weekends for PGR Moms, meet-ups at other gifted conferences, university sponsored seminars, Thanksgiving dinner, weekend campouts, and more.

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