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For 2021, we have a new home in Estes Park, Colorado: the YMCA of the Rockies. 

Next door to the Rocky Mountain National Park, this new location gives us room for our community to grow. We have reserved virtually all of the two adjoining conference facilities for our sole use by PGR.  We will have privacy for our community combined with plenty of space for our families. 

We are also pleased to reduce costs. Our prior home would have raised costs for PGR by another $30,000 for 2020. In addition we are now using a per person rather than per family fee, that is more equitable for all family sizes.

We work together as a team of volunteers to design, organize, and implement the entire retreat. Ask any volunteer -- it's a great way to meet other parents who become each others' network for supporting our children. Among this group are some fairly amazing talents, so while we may be casual and informal, these events excel at connecting the PG community with one another, creating the connections that sustain, and building a sense of community we all find so meaningful. Information about the specific events are restricted to members only. For more information you may want to read our testimonials, consider applying for membership, or learn about volunteering once you are a member.

Virtual PGR Summer 2020

The Board organized full refunds from the 2020 Estes Park Retreat and recruited a Virtual Event team to create our first Summer of Virtual Experiences from June 1 to August 19 September 1 in response to member requests.  Details for members start on our Virtual Summer. Individual sessions are also listed on the Event Registration page.

Calendar Summary

Estes Park Retreat
Summer 2020

 Canceled: COVID-19.
 Refunds details.

June 1 - Sept 6 2020 (members only) 

PGR's first Virtual Summer.  Scholarships available.

  July 1  October 1Event Director Application deadline for 2021 (to BoardChair@pgretreat.com or Volunteer@pgretreat.com)

Informal meet-ups ( in NEW Discussion Forums) 

Some members are interested in meet-ups once it is safe. To discuss, visit our new forum. In recent years there have been fall camping weekends in Colorado and on the East Coast.

2021 Event Team   Applications

For event team positions, email Volunteer@pgretreat.com or use Volunteer Application Form.)

 September 12020-21 Board term begins

PG Retreat 2021
Estes Park, Colorado
(Near July 4th)

Dates To Be Announced,          YMCA of the Rockies, 
Estes Park, Colorado.
Registration dates TBD... Oct?



Amazing people connect person to person!  And yes, sometimes the best times are over meals, in between sessions, and simply enjoying the company of those who already understand. 

At our Retreats, however, we do organize a broad and diverse program for adults and kids. In past retreats, kids have learned fencing, jammed in music sessions, danced, created amazing works of art, and much more. A professional Magic: The Gathering judge inspires our kids, and many play Dungeons and Dragons,  build towering structures, pursue engineering challenges-- not to mention daily hikes, yoga, book clubs, women's and men's circles, youth hangouts, and chess classes by a Grand Master and so much more. You can even participate in an epic capture the flag battle in -- many create their own costumes!

Parents of younger children can engage on their own while kids are participating in younger set activities geared towards their asynchronous development needs. In the evenings and throughout the days, adults and teens can socialize with true peers in a no-pressure environment where you can truly be yourself. 

Content varies each year and if you don't see something you want, volunteer and bring your passion to our retreat. We have a wide range of education levels, socio-economic levels, and cultures all sharing in awelcoming environment where our kids can just be themselves. Returning members frequently state that the people of PGR feel like family and they can't wait for the homecoming each year.

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