a gathering for families with profoundly gifted children

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About PG Retreat

What is PGR?

PG Retreat is an organization directed by and for its members, cultivating lifelong communities of support and enriching the lives of profoundly gifted children and their families.

Throughout the year, PGR families and the professionals who serve them engage with one another, providing learning opportunities and fostering lasting friendships among true peers. This engagement culminates in our annual gatherings each summer.

Who is PGR? 

PGR is an member-run organization. From event organizers to those who manage registration and finances, from the board, the photographers, and those who present specific workshops, everyone  is a volunteer and everyone benefits. Learn more about volunteering. PGR is only as great as the contributions are from each of us—it is truly a self-organized gathering. For added comfort and security, our volunteers are required to pass a background check prior to the retreat as well as sexual assault training. This is a new requirement as of the 2020 retreat by our leads at the CNDC. 

How to Join

We would be pleased to review your application.  Applications are reviewed year-round. You can also email us and we'll be happy to respond to your questions first. We get together for an annual retreat, and members organize informal gatherings in different parts of the country frequently. 

Retreat Options

The summer  2020 retreat will be located at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado.  Nestled in the Rocky Mountains National Park, the stunning family friendly location is one of the most visited parks in America. This site is open to guests outside of our community but we will maintain our own facilities within the YMCA and restrict access to non-members. There are many options for community to interact and connect. The natural environment lets us do what PGR is all about: gather as families to share experiences, build friendships, and create community. None of the PGR activities are restricted based on citizenship, faith, or origin. Come and join us at our new home for 2020.

Scholarships - Financial Aid

PGR offers funds to help reduce the costs of attendance for first time and returning members. Learn more about donations and (for members only) scholarship applications

Committees, Finances, Board Minutes

As a membership of families for families, we organize ourselves through a variety of committees, and we operate in a transparent manner. Learn more about the committees, our finances, and read the board minutes, here. (members only)

Communication & Contacts

For ongoing communication and support, we organize this web site, a number of listservs (members only), and use our membership directory(members only) for contact information and to connect names with faces. We have a secret Facebook group which members can join and the WildApricot app to connect with your PGR community around the world. During retreats we use the Slack app to plan locations and time of speakers and events.

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