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About PG Retreat

Our Mission

PG Retreat is an organization directed by and for its members, cultivating lifelong communities of support, and enriching the lives of profoundly gifted children and their families.

Our families and the professionals who serve them engage with one another, providing learning opportunities, and fostering lasting friendships among true peers. The community connects during our summer retreats, member-run gatherings, and through a rich and dynamic online community year-round. 

Who is PGR?

PGR is an member-run organization where we implement everything from registration to finances to workshops. When all families are involved, everyone benefits. Members, read more about PGR Positions.

PGR is only as great as the contributions are from each of us—it is truly a self-organized gathering and if you join, please expect to contribute your time and talents.


Our annual summer retreat is a signature event. At least one is held in Colorado, and occasionally there are retreats in other locations. Due to COVID, our 2020 and 2021 retreats are virtual events. 

PGR is trialing year-round Home for Virtual Events (HIVE) in 2020-21. 

Our 2022 retreat is planned for the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado.  Nestled near the Rocky Mountain National Park, this stunning family-friendly location is one of the most visited parks in the United States. The natural environment lets us do what PGR is all about: gather as families to share experiences, build friendships, and create community. PGR has reserved its own buildings at YMCA so that we have privacy for our members within the myriad of activities available at Estes Park YMCA.

PGR is open to all, regardless of citizenship, faith, or origin. Come and join us!

Throughout the year, PGR families and the professionals who serve them engage with one another, providing learning opportunities and fostering lasting friendships among true peers. This engagement culminates in our annual gathering each summer. PG Retreat is a Project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center.

Scholarships - Financial Aid

When available, PGR may be able to help reduce the costs of attendance for first time and returning members. Learn more about donating and (members only) scholarships.

Committees, Finances, Board Minutes

We organize ourselves through a variety of committees, and we operate in a transparent manner. Members can learn more about our committees (and how to join one), finances, and read the board minutes.

Communication & Contacts

For ongoing communication and support, we provide information and discussion through our web site and member forums. Once a member, connect with other families and members through our Facebook page and connect with individuals directly through our directory (restricted to members).

During retreats we have also used listservs, the website, email and/or the Slack App to provide updates on retreat activities and announcements.

How to Join

Please send your application for review by our membership committee. The committee works year-round to consider all application (except July and December). 

Have questions? Email us and we'll be happy to respond before your submit your application.  

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