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For donations over $250 you will automatically receive a receipt for your tax records via email. 

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Taya Bruell Educational Fund

The Taya Bruell Educational Fund honors the memory of PGR member Taya Bruell by providing education regarding the intersection of giftedness and mental health issues. Taya was brilliant, talented, charismatic, beautiful, imaginative, creative, and fun. She loved to write and wanted to either be a surgeon, a writer, or both. She battled bravely against the undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder that slowly consumed her brain and ultimately led to her tragic death by suicide in 2016 at age 14.

The fund's goal is to help families recognize mental health needs in gifted people, find resources to address these needs, and support those who need such services. This project includes suicide awareness and prevention. This work is funded and is in development thanks to PGR members, the PGR Board, and Taya's family and friends. Please consider a gift to the fund if you have an interest in supporting this important work.

Loni Kaplan
Memorial Fund

for first-time attendees

Loni Kaplan was the mother of four profoundly gifted sons and a key member of PG Retreat for many years. She served as the Event Director for Glen Eyrie and Breckenridge events and as Chairman of PGR’s Board in 2012. Her passion was connecting people to others on a similar journey so that they could support one another in the raising of their amazing children.

To honor her deep commitment to connecting people, the Loni Kaplan Memorial Scholarship has been created to bring new families into the PG Retreat fold. The scholarship is available to families who have never attended a Retreat, so that they may come and meet like-minded people. In order to increase the likelihood that these families will be able to enjoy the life-changing experiences at a Retreat, the Loni Kaplan Memorial Scholarship will pay for up to the full cost of attendance at a PG Retreat.

Betty Maxwell Fund

for returning attendees

This fund was created in honor of Betty Maxwell, a professional and personal advocate of PGR. In her previous role at the Gifted Development Center in Denver, Colorado, she helped to form PGR and the first several years of summer retreats.  In addition, many of our families are personally indebted to her work, her research, and her assistance with our own children as we began the path of raising PG children.

Home for Interactive Virtual Events (HIVE)

Monthly (mostly) member-led sessions from fall to spring.   

To cover HIVE costs PGR asks every participating family to contribute $25 if possible. Larger and smaller donations are gladly accepted.

The General Fund

for general operating and outreach costs

It costs the organization about $5,000 a year to operate, beyond our Retreats and Gatherings. We appreciate your contribution! You're keeping the organization running.
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Employer Match

If your employer offers a donation matching program, you should be able to request a match or donate directly through your employer's matching platform. 

To request a match, search the platform for Colorado Nonprofit Development Corporation, and then for Profoundly Gifted Retreat under their Projects. For more detailed information, contact

About Our Finances

PG Retreat is a Project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center(CNDC) and contributions to CNDC for the benefit of PGR are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The Colorado Nonprofit Development Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and as such your donation will be tax deductible.  You will receive an email confirmation for your donations, and a mailed confirmation for any donation over $250 from the CNDC.

We are an organization of families who work together for each other. We work hard to save money, to use resources carefully, and to steward financial resources with great care.

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