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PG Retreat is directed by and for its members, to cultivate life-long communities of support, and enrich the lives of profoundly gifted children and their families.

Families with at least one profoundly gifted offspring under 17 and profoundly gifted individuals 18 - 23 years old can apply. At our annual gathering, families come together with professionals who serve them to find support and understanding and to build lasting friendships among true peers.

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Member-run since 2006, our retreats have been held in Colorado, Maryland, and North Carolina. During the height of COVID, we ran Virtual Retreats. In 2022 & 2023, our “family reunion” was in Estes Park, Colorado. It will be in Ohio for 2024. There are also vibrant member-run virtual sessions and physical gatherings across the country throughout the year.

Our five-day events are filled with scheduled activities and quiet time to meet the needs of all family members. Attendees can learn new skills, play games, connect with peers, enjoy the variety show, share the challenges and successes of profound giftedness with people who understand, gain from the experiences of others, or take in the research from participating professionals.

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Statement of Values and Expectations

Our Mission

PG Retreat is an organization directed by and for its members, cultivating lifelong communities of support, and enriching the lives of profoundly gifted children and their families.

Our families and the professionals who serve them engage with one another, providing learning opportunities, and fostering lasting friendships among true peers. The community connects during our summer retreats, member-run gatherings, and through a rich and dynamic online community year-round.

PGR is a member-run organization where we implement everything from registration to finances to workshops. When all families are involved, everyone benefits. PGR is only as good as its members' contributions. We truly are a self-organized gathering and if you join, please expect to contribute your time and talents.

Our Commitment to Diversity

PGR is open to all, regardless of citizenship, faith, or origin. 

We believe in celebrating the differences that make a good organization great, and in leveraging individual strengths to create an innovative, inclusive and unified organization that prepares our profoundly gifted children to excel in a diverse and multi-cultural world. 


Applications are accepted year-round and includes completing a profile describing your child(ren)'s characteristics. Our private, professional review process aims to ensure a good fit between member families and the PGR population.

Application Info

PGR families support one another all year. Regardless of your ability to participate in a Retreat this year, please do consider joining us.

Scholarships - Financial Aid

When available, PGR may be able to help reduce the costs of retreat attendance for first time and returning members. Learn more about donating and (for members only) Sholarships.


  • Annual Summer Retreats
  • PGR's Interactive Virtual Events are run virtually year-round
  • Member-run unofficial events

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