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What is PGR?

We are a community of families with profoundly gifted children, teens, and young adults. Profoundly gifted youngsters can find it hard to find true peers within their day-to-day communities. Our organization focuses on the whole family and is run for and by its members, establishing genuine peer-to-peer connections, sharing resources and experiences, cultivating lifelong support.

We organize online events and annual summer Retreats at various times and places, and some members use our directory and communications channels to organize additional events.

Testimonials may give you a sense for our community. If you have more questions about PGR, please email our Contact Manager at


Applications are reviewed ten months of the year and includes completing a profile describing your child(ren)'s characteristics. Our private, professional review process aims to ensure a good fit between member families and the PGR population.

Application Info

PGR families support one another year-round. Our summer retreat is usually near July 4. PGR's 2024 Retreat was in Ohio. Past PGR retreats have been in Colorado, as well as North Carolina, and Maryland. Regardless of your ability to participate in one of our summer retreats, please do consider joining us.

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Member Announcements

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  • HIVE: Virtual Events virtually year-round.

  • New Board terms start September 1. Application deadline for At Large and YA directors is August 10th.

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