What is PGR?

We are a community of families with profoundly gifted children, teens and young adults. Profoundly gifted youngsters can find it hard to find true peers within their day-to-day communities. Our organization focuses on the whole family and is run for and by its members, establishing genuine peer-to-peer connections, sharing resources and experiences, cultivating lifelong support.

We organize a large Annual Retreat and online events at various times and places, and some members use our directory to organize their own meetups as well.

Testimonials may give you a sense for our community. If you have general questions about PGR, please email us at contact@pgretreat.com.


  • 2022 Retreat Waitlist Closing. If lodging becomes available, priority to families accepted in 2022.
  • Retreat news & updates on the Retreat forum
  • Monthly Virtual Events  through June. Magic the Gathering added.


    Applications are accepted at any time. Our private, professional review process aims to ensure a good fit between member families and the PG population, and includes completing a profile describing your child(ren)'s characteristics.

    Application Info

    PGR families support one another all year. Regardless of your ability to participate in a Retreat this year, please do consider joining us.

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