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Everyone Has Their Own Profile
Our PGR website works best if every member has their own profile, linked to their own email.  If you forget your password, you can reset it at any time. (Even the PGR webmasters can't see your password.)

Parents can register family members for our annual retreat and Virtual Events. For family members to receive their own event confirmations and  reminders, the registration system requires them to have their own profile. Members 18 and over should have their own profile.

To learn about the different kinds of roles we use on this system for our members, go here (forthcoming).

What About Minors?
As a private non-profit we do not fall under normal FERPA regulations, so even your young children are allowed to have their own profile -- it's up to you.  If you explicitly do not want a child(ren) to have their own profiles, the primary family record (often called the "primary parent"), has fields to let us know of this decision on your part.

Otherwise, we prefer that all your kids have profiles as well.  We ask for the month and year of brith for minors so that we can change their account when they turn 18 and 24 years old.

If you are registering for a virtual event on behalf of your child, you will see data fields to capture that information. (That you are registering, on behalf of your child.)

How can we request a profile for other family members?
Please ask family members that do not yet have their own profile to request one from our Member Accounts page or email our Profile Manager for help. You can request an account for them from that page, but you will be required to logout first.

To protect the privacy of our members, new profile requests will be confirmed. After a new profile is requested, the Parent-Primary will receive an email asking them to confirm the the email is correct.

If you no longer have access to the email used on your profile, you can login and update it. If you can not remember the email that you used, please contact our Profile Managerfor help.

What about children without an email account or families that share one email?

You have at least three options:

1) If you are the Parent-Primary Record Contact, then on your member profile you will see database fields for your children's names and birthdates. We only need the month and year.  Simply enter the information and we will be able to confirm that they are members. When they get older and/or when they have an email address, they can get a profile.  Or...

2) Create an email account using a free service such as ProtonMail or GMail.  If you Google "GMail Accounts" you will find your way to a page on which you can create a free email address.  Whether or not your child uses the account, they can request a profile to login to this Web Site with that email address.  Or...

3) Use a fake email address for the login.  If you use a nonexistent email address, then that email account is not actually available for us to send the account password can be sent it should ever be forgotten, but it can be used to create and use a profile. The system does not check whether an email is actually a viable address.  We recommend using the member's name and the domain "pgr.example.com" like "Flora@pgr.example.com" or "BillShah@pgr.example.com".

Remember you will need to know the email address that you used to to log in.

Need more help? Contact our tech team at webmaster@pgretreat.com.

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