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Unique Emails for Registration

This web site requires a unique email address for each registered member. Requiring a unique email for each person is not unusual, and has become standard practice for many web sites.  The good news of course is that this means if you forget your password, you can request a reset.

(Please ask family members that do not yet have their own profile to request one from our Member Accounts page (https://pgretreat.org/WebAccount) or ask our Profile Manager (email: profile@pgretreat.com) for help to set it up.)

What About Families that Share One Email or Children Without an Email Account?

You have at least three options:

1) If you are the Parent-Primary Record Contact, then on your member profile you will see a database fields for your children's names and birthdates.  Simply enter your child(s) names and ages and we have what is needed for the Retreat. When they get older and/or when they have an email address you can register them then.  Or...

2) Create an email account as needed using a free service such as GMail, provided by Google Mail.  If you Google "GMail Accounts" you will find your way to a page on which you can create an email address.  Whether or not your child uses the account, you are now able to register on this Web Site with that email address.  Or...

3) Use a fake email address for the login.  If you use a nonexistent email address, then that email account is not actually available as a reminder to which the account password can be sent it should ever be forgotten, but the system does not check that the email is actually a viable address.  So contact our webmasters for their suggestions for safe-to-use nonexistent emails that will not go to someone else, or use your name and the domain "pgr.example.com" like "bill@pgr.example.com". Remember you will need to know the email address that you used to to log in.

Questions?  contact webmaster@pgretreat.com.

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