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About age groups

How We Use Age Groups On this Web Site

In the past we organized the web site by age groups, particularly among PGR kids and teens.  We are trying to reduce the focus on age, however, and have reduced the age groups to only a few.  One for all youth up to 17, and one for young adults aged 18 to 25.

The primary use of this web site among kids and teens is to use the membership directory to find one another, and to post some photos and videos.  Most day-to-day communication among the PGR youth and young adults takes place on Skype, Facebook, gaming and academic sites, and so forth.

The Youth and Young Adult pages of the PGR Web site are private to those age groups, although they are moderated by the webmaster or other PGR Tech Team volunteers; they are designed to be acceptable to all ages of PGR kids and teens.

The site also supports private spaces for parents and adults.

Parent's Decision

Clearly, if a parent or guardian does not believe their child or children should have access to these private spaces for our young people, simply let us know at webmaster@pgretreat.com.

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