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Refund Policy for PG Retreats

(Revised March 2014, November 2019 revision expected)

Profoundly Gifted Retreat (PGR) is a not-for-profit venture committed to our member families. In keeping with the nature of our organization and the low-margin budget that the organization maintains, PGR relies on the funds received from participants to effectively run PGR sponsored Retreats and Gatherings. PGR secures lodging, speakers, etc. based on the commitments of families to attend the PGR sponsored events. PGR has therefore established the following refund policy:

General Policies

1. Refunds will be processed as they are requested.

2. The Initial registration deposit is non-refundable. The per person fee is also non-refundable.

3. Cancellations prior to second payment due date: the family will receive a refund for the portion of what they have paid that is the facility (Room & Board) fee, less the CNDC and Payment Processing fees that are not recoverable. The family fee is not refundable.

4. As of the second payment due date, no refunds will be issued except in the event of extenuating circumstances.

5. If payment is not made by payment due date, written communication must be made by the member to the treasurer and the Event Director. Notification must include intent and proposed payment schedule or member will be removed from attendee list and placed on the waiting list.

Scholarship Families

1. If a family has applied for a scholarship with the understanding that they will only be able to attend if they receive that scholarship, the monies they have already paid will be refundable if they do not receive the scholarship.
2. Scholarship applicants may register without a deposit, pending scholarship award notification and they need to inform the treasurer that they are registering without paying a deposit because of their intent to apply for a scholarship
3. If the scholarship amount awarded covers all of a family's cost for the event, their deposit, less the CNDC and Payment Processing fees that are not recoverable, will be refunded

Extenuating Circumstance

In the case of significant extenuating circumstances the family will need to request a refund explaining their situation. A 3-member Board subcommittee (including the Event Director, the Board Treasurer, and the Board Chair) will review any refund requests and make a formal recommendation to the Board regarding whether or not any funds should be refunded. If the Board approves the request, a refund will be issued. If a family does need to request a refund, they should send a letter or email describing their situation to the Event Director or the Treasurer, who will then present their situation to the Board subcommittee and respond to the family’s request in a timely manner.

Thank you!
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