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Forgot the email used to create your PGR profile? Our Profile Manager. would be glad to help.

Want to use a different email for your profile? Simply login using the original email address and update it in your profile. If you cannot remember your email, send a note to our Profile Manager.

Parents can register family members for our annual retreat and Virtual Events. For family members to receive their own event confirmations and  reminders, the registration system requires them to have their own profile. Members 18 and over should have their own profile.

Everyone Has Their Own Profile

PGR encourages every member to have their own profile. Our goal as an organization is to facilitate peer connections and the information in individual profiles is the primary means for members to find others with shared interests or who may live in close proximity, and locate contact information.

Currently, a fair percentage of our parent members join the private PGR Facebook page to connect with other, mostly adult members. In contrast, most day-to-day communication among the PGR youth and young adults takes place on other social media platforms that are not administered by PGR. When our younger members participate by creating their own profiles, this makes it easier to reach out to members they met during our online and in-person events. It is also important to note that less than two thirds of PGR families have Facebook accounts so our profiles are a more complete picture of our community.

What about members who are minors?

As a private non-profit, all of our member children are allowed to have their own profile -- it's up to each parent/guardian to decide. If you do not want your child(ren) to have their own profile(s), the primary family record (often called the "primary parent"), has a field to let us know. As an extra safe guard, we also check with the primary parent whenever a profile is requested. (Note: Some parents choose to create and administer the profile for their minor child.)

For approved requests, youth are given access to the 17 years and younger directory to help find peers. The birth month and birth year (not day) for minors is requested so that their membership levels can be updated when they turn 18 and 24. 

Parents can register family members for most events, even if they have profiles of their own.

And Young Adults?

Our 18 to 23-year-old members are designated our Young Adults. As legal adults, all members 18 and over who participate in PGR events, need their own profile. When they create their profile, they will have access to a special additional directory listing other Young Adult members. Once a YA turns 24, they are an adult member. Members who are parents can change their membership to parent.

NOTE: The distinction for our young members also exists because in certain settings at a physical retreat, adult supervision of minors is required. If possible, it is preferred that YAs not serve as the supervising adult for close-in-age members. (Meaning our newly minted young adults would not typically be asked to be in a position of supervising 15-17 year olds).

How can we request a profile for other family members?

Please ask family members that do not yet have their own profile to request one from our JOIN-->Member Profiles page ( email our Profile Manager for help. You can request a profile for them from that page, but you will be required to logout first.

To protect the privacy of our members, new profile requests will be confirmed. After a new profile is requested, the Parent-Primary will receive an email asking them to confirm the the email is correct.

If you no longer have access to the email used on your profile, you can login and update it. If you can not remember the email that you used, please contact our Profile Manager for help.

What about children without an email or families that share one email?

You have at least three options:

1) Create an email account using a free service such as ProtonMail or GMail.  If you Google "GMail Accounts" you will find your way to a page on which you can create a free email address.  Whether or not your child uses that email, they can request a profile to login to this Web Site with that email address.  Or...

2) Use a fake email address for the login. 
This method is not preferred since our goal is to emphasize connections in the community, but it is possible to create a “fake” email address simply to establish a profile (login) on PGR’s website. The downsides are no one can contact you with that email AND if you ever forget your password for the website, the system can’t send a reset message since the email does not exist. If this approach is used, we recommend using the member's name and the domain "" like "" or ""

Please remember to record the fake email as that will be how you login.

Need more help? Contact our tech team at

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