a gathering for families with profoundly gifted children

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Sample Retreat Program

Each retreat's program is different.  In fact, we survey attendees to help think through the changes and enhancements that ensure a successful experience from one year to the next. For a view of one retreat, use the link at below to open a sample program.

(Members, click to see more about this year's Retreat.)

This is about connecting with one another during an intense gathering, and being part of a very special community.  We share this information to help you decide about the fit for you and your family. 

For some, brain fuel fits the bill, others need to pull back and just relax (when they are not volunteering!)  Depending on the location, swim, take on the Challenge Course, hike to waterfalls, engage in games, prepare a skit, share trials and tribulations with peers, gain from the experience of others, or take in the research from participating professionals.

We have many different needs among and within our member families.  The program is designed to help everyone find a connection, as best fits their needs, while in this community of peers.

Sample Program, based on 2011 Retreat (PDF)


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